Chiropractic Synergies

A “Q and A” session with Pinnacle Chiropractic and Ravinia Spa owner Dr. Daniel Bart:

Why did you decide to expand your practice to include a luxury med spa, of all things?

“I’d say my career has been an evolution of various modalities that all have involved healing others, culminating in my decision to move to Georgia in order to attend Life University.  After a few years of partnership with The Ravinia Club (where my chiropractic offices were previously located), an opportunity to become the proprietor of The Ravinia Spa became available.  I saw in this event a fortuitous expansion not only for my own practice but for my own clients and their improved health and well-being.  I’m a great believer that there are no coincidences in life.”

How does a luxury med spa and its services blend with chiropractic care?

“It’s all about self-care in what some deem an “alternative” manner.  I see a great synergy between the two types of care. In chiropractic medicine, we believe that the body has the power to heal itself when it has attained homeostasis (internal equilibrium).  Chiropractors help a body move toward this equilibrium from a state of imbalance (causing pain, illness and other problems).  We use something called “vertebral subluxation,” or the spinal adjustment.  If I can offer my patients a way to move toward their personal physical and/or emotional equilibrium faster, better, or to maintain it for longer, I want to do that.  The various massage therapies we employ through The Ravinia Spa are not merely for enjoyment (though they are deeply enjoyable!); they provide pain relief, body detoxification, spiritual and physical healing, mood enhancement, increased mobility, and more.  Taking care of your skin, taking time for yourself, these are ways to boost the benefits of your chiropractic experience. There is tremendous power in the human touch.”

Not to be hurtful, but how do you dispel the myth that chiropractors are all “quacks?”

“In all honesty, in some cases I wouldn’t even try!  We’ve all either had a friend who has or personally on our own been to “that kind” of chiropractor.  You never feel better, the chiropractor insists that you must purchase his or her brand of supplements to get well, and you’re committed to a lifetime of expensive “adjustments.” (In the industry these are known as the “pop and pray” spinal adjustments. You don’t want one.)

Here, just as in life, all I can do is worry about myself and my own work.  As a practitioner of the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic, I employ heat-sensing instrumentation called Myovision Digital Thermography Scanner, plus X-ray analysis to pinpoint the location of a patient’s pain source in conjunction with the physical assessment and patient intake.  After the vertebral subluxation, we’ll track a patient’s healing through A) his or her own assessment, and B) further heat-sensing imaging with the digital thermography scanner.  Patients are amazed not only at how terrific they usually feel as one or two alignments, but by the visual tracking of their progress.

Do you practice what you preach, then?

“If you want to know whether or not I incorporate a healthy mindset and lifestyle into my day-to-day life, then the answer is yes.  I exercise seven days a week, whether I actually go work out at my gym or to take a run outdoors.  Exercise is my “drug of choice,” if you will, which is especially good considering I do not take medication, if at all possible.  I also live a life of balance.  I try to get enough sleep, and I believe in starting the day early.  I plan my work schedule so that I have plenty of time to enjoy my toddler and my wife, as well as down-time for exercise and any social activities that we have planned.”

If you have a question for Dr. Bart, or if you’d like more information about his chiropractic services, please go to Pinnacle Chiropractic, or send your question directly to him via The Ravinia Spa contact us page.