At The Ravinia Spa, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to skincare. Your spa experience begins with a consultation with one of our highly-trained and professional estheticians, where your beauty goals will be assessed and evaluated, and an at-home treatment plan recommended. Our facial and body treatments have been carefully designed to suit most any skin type and condition, even the most vulnerable complexions, yet are some of the most effective found in the industry today.  Most treatments last 45-90 minutes.

Calm Facial $108

Developed for the most sensitive complexions, this gentle, serene facial desensitizes and cools irritated, red skin. Your esthetician gently exfoliates and treats your skin with enzymes and soothing plant ingredients, leaving your skin healthy, glowing, rehydrated and refreshed.

Quench Facial $120

For the most dehydrated complexions, this long-lasting facial will revive even the most parched skin. Luxuriate in aromatherapeutic treatments, emollient-rich creams and state of the art serums. This facial culminates in a comforting, deep-reaching dual mask moisture surge that will keep your skin supple for days to come.

Glycolic Facial $120

This light alpha-hydroxy peel is known for stimulating collagen renewal and allowing exfoliated, fresh, healthy skin to be revealed. This rejuvenating treatment refines fine lines, improves skin’s overall texture and radiance, and can even lighten age spots and freckles.

Pumpkin Peel Facial $120

The facial that truly celebrates nature’s bounty, all year round. Rich in fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A, beta carotenes and powerful natural alpha hydroxy acids, the benefits of this facial abound. Starting off with deep-cleansing pore treatment, a cell-replenishing mask is applied, ridding skin of its deepest breakout-inducing bacteria. The healing properties and nourishing vitamins and minerals in the pumpkin help restore skin to a youthful, healthy glow and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Beta carotene helps protect against free radicals and even boosts sunscreen performance.

Deep Oscillation Therapy Facial $167

An anti-inflammatory, anti-aging treatment for face, neck and décolleté… This invigorating yet non-invasive treatment helps break down swelling and redness deep beneath the skin’s surface (thanks to the oscillation), making it the perfect post plastic surgery and laser re-surfacing rehabilitation and pre- and post-operative therapy. Minimizes scarring while improving skin’s elasticity. Muscles are stimulated and then relaxed through deep vibration, training facial muscles to remain more taut. Collagen is stimulated into production, allowing for greater cell regeneration and a younger, wrinkle-free appearance to the skin.

Ultrasonic Facial $135

Take your monthly skincare to the next level as the facial goes high-tech. Ultrasonic waves cleanse, repair and stimulate the skin. Non-invasive and safe for nearly all skin types. The long list of benefits from the high-frequency waves includes: unclogging pores, exfoliation of dead skin cells, zapping blackhead and pimple-inducing bacteria deep beneath the skin, facilitation of derma-pumping hydration, stimulation of blood flow and lymphatic drainage, boosting of collagen and elastin production, plus ongoing exposure to these ultrasonic waves helps skincare products penetrate the skin more deeply in order to do their job more effectively. Your treatment will be customized to suit your specific skincare needs and goals. Whether for a special night out or for your long-term skincare goals, this facial will give you a lit-from-within glow that is unmatched.

Moor Mud Therapy Facial $130

Full of potent healing minerals straight from nature, this 100 percent natural, therapeutic remedy can be traced back to a basin 20,000 years old (for more information, please click here.). This therapy has been well established in many European countries for its healing properties. Moor mud is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. It promotes circulation, acts as an astringent, stimulates the immune system and promotes healing from beneath the skin. It is especially useful for acne and for evening out skin tones.

Signature Ravinia Facial $69

Our signature skincare service that is available to guests enrolled in The Ravinia Spa Monthly Plan or Pinnacle Chiropractic Membership Care Plan, this wonderfully pampering facial is tailored for your skin type (oily, dry, combination, anti-aging).  In addition to cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask and skin-nourishing moisturizer, relax and enjoy a tension-relieving hand and arm massage. Be transported.

Age Defense Facial For Men $97

A non-invasive, skin-firming, anti-aging “face lift,” thanks to the power of plant-based phyto stimuline serum — crucial to cell renewal. Combined with expertly applied micro exfoliation, his skin will look and feel fresher, and fine lines will be visibly smoother. Specially designed for a man’s skin.

Skin Fitness Facial For Men $97

One step deeper, this is the treatment for the man who stresses his skin and clogs his pores through tough workouts, exposure to the elements of sun and wind, plus the grime and free radicals associated with city living. Phyto Stimulant-based products by Yon-Ka Paris permeate and soften skin, allowing for pain-free extractions. Skin will be brighter, with more even tone, less visible pores and fewer breakouts.

Teen Cleanse Facial $90

Treat your teen (age 15 and up) to this special treat, and help him or her establish a personalized skincare regime and confidence at an early age. Your teen will enjoy a deep pore cleansing, toning and light steaming of the skin, followed by a calming mask and botanically-fortified, irritant-free, light moisturizer. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Preoperative Facial $75

At The Ravinia Spa we believe in education, preparation and prevention.  Patients going into surgery often need their skin cleaned prior to surgery.  This wonderful facial, tailored to your skin type, will cleanse, tone, exfoliate and reveal fresh skin.  Includes a hydrating mask and customized moisturization.